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Standards Set for Ride

Posted on 12th March

Riding standards for the Heart of the Wolds Sportive have been announced.

"Obviously our sportive is not a competetive event, but it is timed, and we recognise there are riders who like to push themselves, so like last year we have set a number of standards for riders to gauge their efforts by," commented event organiser Adam Hardy. "Last year, especially with the wind, we probably set the limits too high, so this year we've reduced the average speeds needed, to ensure more people have a chance of achieving gold and silver standards."

But Adam stressed that anyone wanting a Gold time would still have to be willing to push themselves: "Going around the Challenge Route in under five hours (Gold) will be a tough ask for most riders so even though we've reduced the overall average speeds, they'll still be a challenge. Plus we've got our Hill Challenges for people to try out."

The standards are:



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For more information about this event contact info@woldssportive.co.uk or call 01482 841007

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