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Free Cavendish Turbo Session for Sportive Entrants

Want to train for the Heart of the Wolds Sportive but can't get out because of the February winds and rain? Not to worry as we have teamed up with Manxmen 3LC to offer all entrants to our event a FREE turbo session stream.

The 3LC Turbo Road Race is a 60 minute work out designed to improve your all around cycling ability, taking you through a tough work out to train your body and mind to stay strong from start to finish.

Anyone signing up for the Heart of the Wolds Sportive will be sent a unique link to access the session.Then simply register your details and you will then receive a personal pass code which you can use to access the session. It's easy!

"This session is just the right length to be both challenging but fit easily into a busy daily schedule. It's really useful to have a number of other riders doing the workout on the screen with you and having Mark Cavendish on hand adds that bit of inspiration to get you over the finish line," commented Philip Haskins of Heart of the Wolds Sportive.

“We’re very excited to be partnering up with the Heart of the Wolds event. Our aim is to give you an idea of the varying types of efforts that you will be required to do for the event itself. The 3LC Road Race session has a bit of everything. You will learn to climb fast and efficiently, sustain lone efforts, hold the pace towards the end of the event and even produce a sprint at the end! If you have a cadence computer by all means use it but you can also just follow the riders on screen. We hope you enjoy it!” commented Peter Kennaugh Snr, 3LC Head Coach.

Based in Mark Cavendish's home of the Isle of Man, 3LC offer a range of training turbo sessions suitable for athletes of all abilities, from pro riders to cyclists new to the sport. Their approach is both refreshingly simple and realistic, with the overall aim of increasing your sustainable threshold over repeated sessions, helping to improve both overall fitness and ability on the bike.

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For more information about this event contact info@woldssportive.co.uk or call 01482 841007

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