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Tales from 2013

Posted on 12th January

Here we take a look at how a rider got on in 2013 and why he's keen to do this year's event as well.

It will be with a mixture of curiosity, trepidation and more than a little care that cyclist Tony Beck will come down into Millington pastures on this year's Sportive. It will have been 12 months since Tony fell from his bike here, earning him a trip to the nearest A & E. Here he tells us what happened, and why he now never rides without a helmet...

I'd run the London Marathon the previous week and when I went out in the morning of the sportive I did feel a bit tired. But you enter these things and think that it'll be straightforward, but I didn't realise how tough the course was. I found it harder than the Big G, but it might have been the head wind for the first half. I do remember feeling tired at the feed station but thought that I'd be ok after a rest.

I don't remember anything about the accident itself. The last thing I remember is the feed station. I reckon I've got an hour's memory loss which I think is just your body closing down and protecting you. It's frustrating as well as you want to understand what happened. I think I must have hit the gravel on the side and the bike just slid under me as the bike ended up ok. I just remember waking up lying on the side of the road with people around me. They just kept me talking as I was just wanting to go to sleep. But my second reaction was wanting to get my bike over the finish. I was so close to the end and wanted to finish.

The cut went through the muscle and nerve right to the bone, and I needed several internal and external stitches above my eye. The x ray and CT brain scan were all clear and I had no broken bones, but I'll be scarred for life.

Before this accident I did occasionally ride without a helmet. Nowadays I never go out without my helmet, though my wife still rides without one, even though she came to the hospital and saw me. But if you saw the helmet afterwards and saw the impact it took, if I hadn't worn it, I dread to think what would have happened.

Afterwards it knocked my confidence for a while. I still got on my bike but was really careful around corners. I'd been riding for a few years and never come off. This year I'm keen to go back and see where it happened.



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